Fax And Facts

Little do we know about fax and fax machines. We think that it is just a machine that can receive and send fax but there are much more it can do and one very important unknown fact about fax is that this was introduced even before the telephones but was put to proper use only after a few decades of its invention. Let`s now take a look at some of other unrevealed facts about fax and fax machines.

  • This magic machine was introduced by Alexander Bain who was a clockmaker and the first thing to be faxed was a photograph.

  • The time this machine takes to transfer a copy of a document from one end to the other is just 1.7 seconds today which was close to 6 minutes in the olden days.

  • Most of the fax machines are manufactured in china, Japan and Korea.

Evolution of fax business

As stated above in the earlier days, fax machines were used which took a lot of time to transfer a paper from one end to the other. And these machines were costly too. Since telegram system was introduced before this, people looked at this as a better choice when compared to the fax machines in terms of time and initial investment. This hit the business badly and the inventor was forced to bring in some smart changes to it to make it a success. This is how we have the latest internet faxing machines on our tables today. Though it was a long and tedious process, this advancement has really paid for all the efforts and it is of great use in today`s buzzing commercialism.

Internet Fax services

In the olden days, before the invention of phone or fax machines, any document or paper which had to be sent required a man force to physically take time in travelling from his place to the receiver’s end. This was very time consuming and it was practically not possible to travel each time there was an important document to be sent. Though this looks ridiculous and unbelievable, this was the only system that was followed in the olden days since there was no other medium and this is how all the transactions happened. But later when the fax machines were introduced, the documents were sent and received through these thus reducing the travelling time and cost of manual efforts. These fax machines again had limitations wherein the sender had to wait at the machine for some time and also the number of documents that could be sent per day had a limitation. And again, each paper that was faxed incurred a huge amount and if it was a color copy, the costs were even higher. Another major hurdle in using the fax machine was that it required both the sender and receiver to be by the machine side and keep it on. Only when the machine was switched on, would the document go and reach the receiver else, it would fail. Now these were again few issues with these machines and had to be overcome to cope up with the increasing needs to exchange more documents in the growing commercial world.This is when the internet faxing facility was introduced. The process of sending and receiving papers or documents was as easy as sending an email and does not even require the receiver to be online for receiving it. The content would go into his mailbox though he is offline find out more for fax services please visit us

Benefits of internet faxing

    • One very major benefit of using internet faxing is that it saves, time, energy and cost. The documents or contents get transferred in a jiffy without taking much time and there is no special cost involved in doing this and all it requires is an internet connection.

    • There are no restrictions in the number of papers to be sent and they can be faxed through internet at any time.

    • This facility enables the staff of a company to send or receive fax from anywhere just like how they send or receive an email. So this can be done even when a person is travelling and hence proves to be an ideal mode of transfer of information.

    • A copy of the fax sent or received gets saved in your systems enabling you to get back to them whenever a need arises.

    • All the documents sent online are maintained with high confidentiality when the company is connected up with a reliable service provider.